A few songs

All songs are copywrite protected. Don’t misuse it.

You hear only a part of the song but it gives a good impression.


Troubles is about a difficult period in an relationship.

Professionally produced in a studio.


From Sundown to September

From Sundown to September is about the long search for the true one.

Professionally produced in a studio.


Cruising down the highway

Driving relaxed along the Californian Coast Highway at sunset in a cabriolet. This is an example of a HOME DEMO. A sketch before it will be professionally produced.

      Cruising down the highway - Patrick

Ga met mij mee naar zee

Dutch lyrics about taking the moment.
This is also a HOME DEMO.


Hold on tight to your dreams

Despite setbacks….keep on dreaming otherwise you dreams will never be fulfilled. This is a HOME DEMO.