Hi, I am Patrick Vreeswijk

I am a songwriter. You can use songs of mine or I write a song for you.

Who I amWhat I can do for you

Hi and welcome

I am Patrick Vreeswijk, currently 52 years old and in my spare time I write songs. I compose songs: lyrics, chords, melodies and ideas about which instruments te use. Sometimes I produce some of my own songs into a professional demo to which you can listen to on this site.

I prefer writing commissioned songs. I hope this site will contribute to that. But I already have made 60 songs (Dutch and English) that are waiting to be produced by you in a way you want. So I look for  an artist who want to use my songs and give it his/her own twist to it.

Curious? Contact me.

There are many possibilities to hear songs that are not yet published on this site. I can come to you or come to me to hear my new work.

Do you seek a specific style? Let me know.

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
Arthur O’Shaughnessy

About CrossRoadMusic?

CrossRoadMusic is my own recordlabel I use to produce songs. I pay the production costs and own all rights. These songs can be bought for a reasonable price. You get all international rights and all tracks. Contact me for this.

Lets get to know eachother

On the next page there are a few of my songs as an example. I hope you like it. Maybe you want a reggae or a country song. Contact me.